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Choosing a Latin title, Pitecus, moreover placed there to indicate the half of a monkey, fits perfectly.

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It's a show that analyses the relationship between man and his perversions: people with degrees, people overworked, young and desperate, in search of a chance to fill their pockets and increase their fame, multi-decorated for morality speculating on other people's misery, old people in search of an identity to help them kill time before time kills them, people who carry on their ordinary lives, individuals who sell their own bodies in exchange for a purely materialistic well-being, beings who travel in order to enrich their exterior, superficial cultural competences.

PITECUS tells the stories of many different people, a coming and going of people living in a messy microcosm: bits of reality follow on with no common thread, sublime nastiness making even the most delicate topics funny and aggressive. Positive representations don't exist, each one has to make do, they all feel like victims, they work in order to hide away, they buy sentiments and dignity, they don't love, they create dullness and dis-service. The characters are ugly, somatically and inwardly, they exude political and social indifference from all their pores, they're sunk into anonymity but, thanks to their narcissism, they're convinced of being original, contemporary and, in the most brazen cases, avangarde. They speak a mixed dialect, they're very colourful, they move nervously and, through the recital, they take on mythical, caricature-like, almost comic-book shapes.

This production is available also in Spanish.

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by Flavia Mastrella Antonio Rezza

with Antonio Rezza

and with Ivan Bellavista

with scenic tableaux by Flavia Mastrella
(never) written by Antonio Rezza
assistant to the creation Massimo Camilli
lighting designer Mattia Vigo
management Stefania Saltarelli

a production by RezzaMastrella - TSI La Fabbrica dell’Attore Teatro Vascello - Fondazione TPE

duration of the show 60 minutes



performer | author



artist | author