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Shakespeare’s Macbeth, performed in Sardinian and, in the pure Elizabethan tradition, by an all-male cast.
The revelation of a theatre talent, Alessandro Serra. Winner of UBU Prize as best Italian production in 2017.


20 SILENCES is a project by theatre director Charles Chemin and composer Dom Bouffard. They focus on human singularity and spontaneity, in regards of infinity and eternity.


faust's box

Andrea Liberovici has conceived a compelling a work of music, visual environment and theatre. A giant mirror frames the music, words and action. Helga Davis powerfully embodies a Faust with no sex nor age.


An Indonesian theatre-dance work inspired by Syair Lampung Karam 1883 a poem written by Sumatran Poet Muhammad Saleh on the eruption of the Mount Krakatau.




Antonio Rezza and Flavia Mastrella have worked in theatre since 1987, the former as a performer-author and the latter as artist-author, jointly developing the concept and artistic project for their production. The Biennale awarded them the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in 2018.



L’ombra della sera|Evening shadow takes inspiration from the life and work of the artist Alberto Giacometti, whose universe is evoked in a silent and essential tale composed of images and movement. Created in collaboration with Giacometti’s foundation and performed by a stunning Chiara Michelini.