Rompere il ghiaccio

Filippo Andreatta OHT

Italy / Rome, MaXXI Museum and RomaEuropa Festival, 3-4 October 2020 (opening)

A slow narrative that explores political, environmental and romantic boundaries. 
As slow as the glacier is melting, questioning the concept of borders, love undermined the isolation of the fascist confinement.

With the solo performance Rompere il ghiaccio [Breaking the Ice], Filippo Andreatta continues to deepen the link between the landscape, the natural elements that make it up and the human condition. His 'ecological' gaze focuses on the Grafferner glacier, a demarcation line between Italy and Austria and a slow-moving border due to the gradual melting of the glacier itself. Here, in the cross-border area of Trentino-Alto Adige, there are other borders, this time political, cultural, romantic, within which the stories of those who live in the territory and those who choose to cross its borders are inscribed. Together with the artist and performer Magdalena Mitterhofer and the sound designer Davide Tomat, Andreatta narrates the love story between his grandparents Elsa and Enrico, separated by the isolation of the fascist confinement and, symbolically, along with the dissolution of the Grafferner, presents the unpredictable, iridescent, imperious nature of every idea of border.

My grandfather’s name was Enrico Andreatta. He was born under the Austro-Hungarian Empire and lived in Innsbruck for a few years before returning to Rovereto during Mussolini’s dictatorship. There, he met my grandmother Elsa and began working at the Mercurio typography where in 1927 he collaborated with the futurist Fortunato Depero on his famous Bolted Book. While Depero was giving Benito Mussolini a copy of his Bolted Book, my grandfather was accused
of communism and sent to confinement. Since then my family has kept a copy of the Bolted Book, but transformed into a faded family photo album.

(Filippo Andreatta)



performance by OHT | Office for a Human Theatre

concept, direction and scenography Filippo Andreatta

with Magdalena Mitterhofer

sound and music Davide Tomat

associated scenography Alberto Favretto

graphic project bruno, Venezia

video Armin Ferrari

set up manager Letizia Paternieri

direction assistant Veronica Franchi

producer and administration Laura Marinelli

promotion and care Laura Artoni

glaciologist Christian Casarotto

In collaboration with
 MAXXI – Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo

duration of the show │50 minutes without intermission

photos ©Claudia Pajewski-courtesy MAXXI

Filippo Andreatta (Rovereto, IT, 1981) graduated in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano (BA) and in Performing and Visual Arts at IUAV University of Venice (MA). His artistic research drives behind the realm of Theatre and, in 2008, he has established OHT [Office for a Human Theatre] bringing on stage Delirious New York, the cult book of contemporary architecture by Rem Koolhaas.